Experience HaysWatson® Excellence

Talent Management

HaysWatson® Talent Management Program lays the foundation to prepare talent leaders and organizations for the future global talent management landscape. With 5th generation technologies like Cognitive Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, SMAC, Block Chain, machine learning, IoT etc. emerging as game changers for HR Systems, it is becoming increasingly important that HR leaders and organizations be well prepared for this disruption. Hayswatson is a game changer in the amalgamation of the talent management processes coupled with 5th gen technologies to align the organizational goals with the Human capital strategies in the increasingly dynamic work environment.

AI, Data Analytics & Science (AIDAS™)

HaysWatson® AIDAS™ Program is focused to harness the transformative power of data and Artificial intelligence (AI). AI makes it possible for machines to learn from experiences, adjust to new data inputs and perform human-like tasks based on data analytics based on deep learning (DL) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies. We partner with organizations, identify opportunities and make HR ready for using the 5th Generation available Technology. Our AIDAS Services for HR process builds efficiency, brings improvements in Performance Analytics, On-boarding, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition & Training (PORT2 ™). 

Digital Transformation Service (DTRS™)

 Digital revolution is sweeping across traditional industries & going beyond geographical boundaries. The business models are being disrupted to redefine Enterprise Architectures (EA) to meet "Real- In Time"  customer experiences for a wide range of products and services through a single digital access gateway in a borderless world. Our Digital Transformation Services (DTS™) through AIDAS™ service lines help to translate digital into a business value proposition for our global clients and  empowers Human Capital Management(HCM). 

Human Resource Block Chain Service (HRBS™)

Our HRBS™ practice aims to help organizations leverage Blockchain Technologies for Human Resources (HR) and Human Capital (HC) development. We intend to bring benefits of Blockchain capabilities to innovate HR competency model by identifying capabilities of decentralized databases that store assets registries and transactions across a peer-to-peer network. Our HRBS™ practice is for future organizations to reap benefits of transparency, democratization, decentralization, efficiency, and security from blockchain. talent management strategy

The Strategist

At HaysWatson®, we understand importance of “Strategy” as foundational for organizational success. We believe good strategy is key to competitive advantage for growth organizations to innovate. With this vision HaysWatson®, Talent Management, AIDAS™, BAS™, DTRS™, HRBS™ and Corporate Empowerment Programs follow business strategy “Knowledge Grid” frameworks.

Board Advisory Service (BAS™)

Our CareerBoard™ is the ideal global program for Senior Executives and experienced company Directors seeking progression in the organizations for C-Suite or board members. Our program approach is based on best world-class practices, supported by proven disciplines for career development, progression, elevation and sustainment. We offer solutions across all sectors without constraints of geography through our international network 

HR OutSoucing (HRO)

Our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is simply a relationship, in which you select us as provider to become your dedicated HR management and benefits administration partner. HaysWatson® will deliver a broad range of HR services through establishing a “co-employment” model.

Corporate Learning Solutions (CLS)

HaysWatson® provides high impact competency-based training around personal and Leadership development to organizations/ Individuals to ensure that professional organizational resources are continuously elaborated in their skills to keep enjoying competitive advantages. Our programs like managing successful teams, change management, sales effectiveness programs etc. are based on ‘Globalization’ techniques which uses global standardization approach and taking into consideration the positivity and local effectiveness of the region.