AI, Data Analytics & Science (AIDAS™)

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) offerings under AIDAS™ are aligned to use capabilities of Machine Learning(ML), Deep Learning(DL), Data Science, & Analytics through PORT2 model (Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Onboarding, Performance Analytics & Training). The PORT2 optimizes HR processes & functions to drive a significant impact to global organizations through growth paradigm. Our approach is to enable opportunities for organizations using Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive, Big Data, Analytics, Visuals and Language to feed longer-term growth. We facilitate process improvement to enhance customer experience with digital assistants, chatbots, automation, predictive & prescriptive Analytics, marketing personalization, fraud detection etc.. We also enable technology adoption for Human Resource Management (Recruiting, Learning, Video interviews, Sourcing, Career management, Sentiment Analysis etc.). 

Our value proposition enables KPIs driven account management, enhanced business partner (employees, customers) relationship journeys, and effective decision making with data backed risk analysis. Our key enablers ensure that organizations achieve growth through data predictability and  profitability from converging artefacts to drive corporate excellence and operational effectiveness.

Data Analytics & Science (DAS™)

We pioneer in facilitating growth opportunities for the Data Specialists (engineers, analysts & scientists) to become facilitators of innovation, rather than data crunchers for the organizations. We intend to empower data wizards through progressive elaboration and continuous evolution with a knowledge driven evolutionary journey from being a Data Specialist to Machine Learning (ML) experts. 

Our comprehensive and rigorous Body of Knowledge stream is focussed around Knowledge Framework to create foundations for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Cognitive Thinking Analytics (CTA™) transformations though AIDAS™ and PORT2™.

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