HR Block Chain Service (HRBS™)

Blockchain is fast emerging as the Next Gen cross-industry disruptor to address challenges in areas like automation, remote work, fraud and payments etc. HaysWatson® believes this has a huge potential to reshape the Human Capital landscape. HaysWatson® predicts that HR Blockchain products will impact core HR processes and will speed up a lot of processes such as Background verification, Global payments etc.

With the emergence of Blockchain technology, socio-economic transactions will be faster  and more secure. It will also enable the shift from the Internet of information to the Internet of value.”

Blockchain provides great future opportunities and offers "value exchange" between business partners and employees as traditional "internet offered information exchange" in the organization. There are perceived value opportunities in the areas of talent acquisition & management, skill development, global payroll, international financial pay-outs, VAT administration, fraud prevention, cyber security etc. 

Blockchain technology has the capability to provide real-time, synchronized, consistent data across applications, platforms, mobile devices and apps to enhance DATA experience with authenticity. 

"Our AIDAS™, DAC™,  BAS™, DTRS™ and Talent Management practices are designed to address convergence needs for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine Learning (ML). Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) centred around DATA for HRBS™ capabilities. 

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The first international 3rd-party credentials for professionals managing Blockchain Transformation 

World’s first platform-neutral credentials for Cryptocurrency Investment Advisors 

Most advanced cross-platform global credentials for Blockchain Engineers

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